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    1. SAFETY FIRST!!!!    We prioritize the safety of babies above all else. Every product undergoes rigorous safety testing and adheres to the highest quality standards to ensure they are free from harmful substances and pose no risks to infants.
    • Made off Food-grade Silicone material
    • It is made up of non-toxic material and does not contain harmful chemicals. It is free of BPA, PVC, PHTHALATE and LEAD
    • No sharp edges that will hurt your baby’s skin or teething toddler’s mouth.
    • It is freezer safe, dishwasher safe, refrigerator safe and microwave safe.
    • The feeding set is CPC Certified.


    1. QUALITY & DURABILITY: We are committed to crafting baby products of exceptional quality that are built to last. We utilize premium materials and employ advanced manufacturing techniques to create durable and long-lasting items that can withstand the demands of everyday use.


    • High quality Food grade silicone
    • Durable and long lasting- It can withstand frequent use and less likely to break or crack. It is also hard to stain or damage.  This food grade silicone material  is sturdy. It can withstand high temperatures during sterilizing and boiling. It is freezer safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe.
    • It is hard to stain.
    • No smell
    1. INNOVATIVE DESIGN:   We believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation to develop products that cater to the evolving needs of babies and their caregivers.  Our designed focus on simplicity, functionality, and practicality, offering intuitive solutions that enhance the caregiving experience.
    Silicone Plate




    – has strong suction to keep it place and will not be pulled easily by baby and make mess.

    – Sturdy- our plate has thicker silicone

    – designed with compartments to separate foods

    – plate is not irregularly shaped for easy storage for convenience in storing or stacking in the fridge, kitchen cabinets or drawers.


    Plate cover – Plate silicone cover is important to keep the food and the plate from contamination.

    -Use when microwaving food and storing in the refrigerator


    Training Cup – can be converted to open cup, sippy cup or snack cup.

    – sippy cup is leak proof; secure lid

    -snack cup is spill-proof for small snack pieces; secure lid

    -has two grip-handles

    – use of straw for easy transition from bottle or breast feeding; straw is gentle on baby’s gum and teeth

    – has a measurement marking to track your baby’s fluid intake or when following specific baby’s guidelines




    Spoon and Fork


    – soft silicone tips that are gentle on baby’s gums and developing teeth. This will make feeding more comfortable for your little one

    -ergonomic design which is easy to hold and maneuver

    -smooth surfaces and minimal crevices to prevent food buildup and make cleaning a breeze

    -spoon’s shape and size is appropriate for baby’s mouth, making it easier to scoop or stab food

    -blunt tines for fork / rounded to prioritize safety


    Silicone suction bowl – Has strong suction base to keep in place to prevent tipping or spilling

    – raised lip for easy scoop


    Bib -light and has strong holes to adjust the button according to baby’s size

    – has a strong front pocket for catching food.



    MiMis’ Gift!!!


    -soft edged spoon if caregiver wants to feed the baby with purees.

    This comes handy if Mom decides to feed baby with purees. And have a hybrid BLW experience <3




    1. BABY CENTRIC APPROACH – We recognize the unique requirements of infants at different stages of their development. Our products are carefully designed to support their growth, provide optimal comfort, and stimulate their senses, contributing to their overall well-being.


    • Complete excellent feeding pieces that you need to introduce Baby-Led Weaning (BWL)
    • This baby silicone feeding set includes everything you need to get started with solid food for toddlers, it comes with 1 x adjustable bibs, 1 silicone plate with silicone cover, 1 training cup with sippy lids and snack lid, 1 suction, raised-lip baby bowl, silicone spoon and 1 fork.
    • These high-quality unique color baby plates and utensils set come in a box and it is PERFECT GIFT for toddlers.



    1. CONVENIENCE FOR CAREGIVERS -We understand the challenges faced by mommies and caregivers in their daily routines. Our products are designed to simplify tasks, reduce effort, and save time, allowing caregivers to focus on creating meaningful bonds with their little ones.
    • Generally easy to clean and maintain
    • Includes the simple regularly shaped plate with silicone cover for easy storage in the fridge and the cover for microwaving
    • Can often be washed by hand or placed in dishwasher for convenience.
    • Easy to wipe down, dries quickly and has nonporous surface to avoid bacteria build up
    • For moms who likes to sterilize, these can stand sterilizing and boiling (-40C to +240 C)


    1. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint. We prioritize sustainable materials, employ eco-friendly manufacturing practices, and strive to create products that are recyclable or biodegradable, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations
    2. A PERFECT GIFT – A must have in every baby registry or baby showers!!!! Every detail from the Baby Led Weaning pieces to the packaging were well thought of. The set comes in a very elegant minimalist box  with a free gift from Mimi inside.


    1. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering exceptional products and providing top-notch customer service. We actively seek feedback, listen to our customers’ needs, and continuously improve our offerings to ensure their utmost satisfaction

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